Bette Davis Eyes -Brandon Flowers Cover

Kim Davis Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Bette Davis Eyes -Brandon Flowers Cover”

  1. ashley jackson Says:


  2. redluxury25 Says:

    Optimal interpretation …. good music … great …. brandon

  3. randyfloyd07 Says:

    Okay, who thought Ben Affleck at first glance/sound? (no disrespect meant to Brandon Flowers)

  4. TheMagicalmajesty Says:

    oh this is really good ..

  5. farooqmm1987 Says:

    great cover

  6. Moamg Says:

    Could never be better than Kim Carnes’ version, of course. But he sounds and looks great! Nice cover!!

  7. careuhsellxo Says:

    i can’t stop smiling as i listen to this 😀

  8. karlsukulele Says:

    you hear his voice and instantly fall in love with him

  9. mrscullenaraz Says:

    *bang* Someone: What was that? Me: It was me watching Brandon Flowers cover of Bette Davis Eyes, I think forgot to breathe as he is soooo lush. The other person: Well thats alright then.

  10. mrscullenaraz Says:

    Beautiful sound!! I just LOVE, adore, wanna marry, look up to, call dibs on Brandon Flowers!!! <3

  11. sorakairi1993 Says:

    This song sounds beautiful from any singer’s voice.

  12. C815richard Says:

    Come on Brandon how can u cover this song, do such an amazing job at it! and not release it as a single or at least on itunes? : (

  13. drasteek Says:

    now this kills Taylor swifts version. very nicely done!

  14. brandonflowergirl38 Says:

    I love this cover just as much as the original! It was especially perfect LIVE!

  15. fatcaesardlb Says:

    Coolest Mormon ever!

  16. jesuisfait Says:

    nice cover

  17. MissRebeccalaura99 Says:


  18. WILLOWproductions Says:

    i love this mostly because he looks like he’s having so much fun.

  19. MrBrandon621 Says:

    i would lay brandon on my throne…

  20. jayius23 Says:

    do me brandon!

  21. leslie199714 Says:

    which is precisely the problem that is simply beautiful =P

  22. leslie199714 Says:

    I AGREE WITH YOU¡¡¡ =)

  23. tonystarkar8 Says:

    Cheers 🙂 dont see why there shouldnt but looks like a console exclusive.

  24. dekerstmann Says:

    there is no studio version of this (yet) but there should be one!

  25. FlowersForFirth Says:

    THE KILLERS have announced that they are working on a NEW album and they already have 5 NEW songs.