J. Holiday Feat. Kim Davis – BED REMIX

Kim Davis Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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29 Responses to “J. Holiday Feat. Kim Davis – BED REMIX”

  1. lilmichaaa1203 Says:

    I loooovvveee this!!!

  2. MayooriM Says:

    I looooooooooove Kim Davis Music!!

  3. Tikasimsim Says:

    KIM DAVIS LIVE THIS FRIDAY, AUGUST 20TH at Intimate & Interactive OPEN MIC — 875 Bloor St. W [2nd Floor.] BE THERE AND WITNESS THE MAGIC!!!

  4. orientalcutie Says:

    this is the best remix i have ever heard for this song!!!! i agree with lusypink..why wasn’t it played on the radio???

  5. lena0019 Says:

    omg cant believe im just now hearing this. my new favorite version of this song! love it 🙂

  6. browntreasure Says:

    amazin kim girl…keep doin ya thing 🙂

  7. Keanu11Saito Says:

    wow, im speeechless

  8. 1NJR Says:

    Kim is amazing! I recently saw her perform at a friends wedding, and she was amazing there too. She is truly talented!

  9. sourcandiegurl Says:

    Kim D. is a star! If you don’t know…..you betta ask somebody!!!! Big Up Kim… Bam Bam!

  10. ChieftTigre Says:

    Kim killed it

  11. asabum2 Says:

    I met her when i was doing my nails.I didn’t even kno dat was hur.I thought she was just a random girl but yet i recognize her from some where.

  12. icrz4you Says:

    Sick remix Awesome

  13. freezee32 Says:

    i love you kim

  14. youknoit07 Says:

    this is my favorite!

  15. Desire416 Says:

    this is hot this is my fav version of bed

  16. lusypink Says:

    Why isn’t this all over the radio?????
    Kim you’re hot!

  17. GeniusBoy88 Says:

    I all of a sudden love this track again

  18. theFreshman Says:

    where do i download this??

    love it.

  19. mzprettyful Says:

    kool i luv dis version..she has a beautiful voice..luving tha words..fanx fo puttin up!!!

    it’s beautiful…hott

  20. AddictedToFresh Says:

    Kim… you know i love you right?

  21. Brangelina Says:

    I love Brad Pitt

  22. Comedy in the Middle East Says:


  23. Miley Cyrus Says:

    Lols 🙂

  24. Plan B Music Says:

    Thank goodness for that!

  25. Best ever concerts Says:

    Nothing like seeing them live though…

  26. Blues Says:

    If only I could play as well as these guys!

  27. Music Blog Tangent Says:

    Nobody does it better… Makes me feel sad for the rest..

  28. Fell Foot Music Festival Says:

    We need more people for the Fell Foot Music Festival! 🙂

  29. outdoor dancefloor hire Says:

    I wish I had seen this ealier