Jigz Crillz Ft. Kim Davis – Im Lovin You [OFFICIAL VIDEO][iTUNES DOWNLOAD]

Kim Davis Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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33 Responses to “Jigz Crillz Ft. Kim Davis – Im Lovin You [OFFICIAL VIDEO][iTUNES DOWNLOAD]”

  1. JustinP Says:


  2. MsLei92 Says:

    Wish more songs had such good rythem like this!!!

  3. 3shanicen Says:

    GREEZZZYYYY song <3 it

  4. amyjsanchez Says:

    is this in toronto or hamilton ?

  5. starla9210 Says:

    i’m really feeling this one!…love the collaboration!…It’s good to see you rise above the obstacles that often hold ppl back these days…you had vision a dream & you made it reality…keep em coming it’s inspiring!!

  6. eeeboi Says:

    pause at 0:10, LOOK AT THAT CHAIN SHINE.

  7. iMDinosaurawr Says:

    DIRECTED BY: J.REYEZ i was like (whoa)

  8. BabyGirlDee1 Says:

    Just keep playin’ this one ova and ova! ♥ it!

  9. pielx0xcanela Says:

    thumbs up for 3:23

  10. KDubois1000 Says:

    t dot mother fuckin o

  11. Jaailyah Says:

    Loving this song

  12. DoingYouRight Says:

    hamilton rize up respect to u dawg we need icons like you out here reppin for all of us who struggled growing up in Hamilton. thnx

  13. ssmith0847 Says:

    this is me nd mah girls song yo real talks, ily rachel 😉

  14. ssmith0847 Says:

    Yo mah man jigz crillz doin it real big, im tellin everybody bou u dog ima spread the word. Big up jigz

  15. shortaayxo Says:

    favourite song EVEER (l)

    keep it up crilllz .

  16. rydachick905 Says:

    the best song

  17. DeFiAnT905 Says:

    steel city all day doiing it big

  18. feliciastaats Says:

    love this song

  19. livexlife25 Says:

    lovvee this soonnnggggg! REPPIN HAMMY keep it up CRILLY!!

  20. vlpjwds Says:

    i live in his city

  21. pyrodude00 Says:

    defffff the best song everrrrr BET #1 lets get in there

  22. girleygirl11 Says:

    yeeeee crilly do ya thang homie NE for life

  23. bchandon Says:

    best song in the world!!!!!

  24. hustlerbaby1990 Says:

    Lovee thiss trackk <3

  25. purplekushpro Says:

    Wicket video, keep doin’em up Big CRILLY…..Respect

  26. I'm with the Band Says:

    Its ok, I’m with the band 🙂

  27. Gunn Music Says:

    Great stuff!

  28. Bob Dylan Says:

    Bob Dylan is amazing!

  29. Madonna Music Says:

    Shame Madonna split from Guy Ritchie

  30. Ashley Tisdale Videos Says:

    Love Ahsley Tisdale

  31. Lady gaga Videos Says:

    Is Lady gaga definitely a woman?

  32. No 1 Music Says:

    Number 1 FTW

  33. My Kindom Music Says:

    Only good bands are allowed in my kingdom