Ron D. – Toronto Pt. II feat Kim Davis (empire state of mind remake)

Kim Davis Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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31 Responses to “Ron D. – Toronto Pt. II feat Kim Davis (empire state of mind remake)”

  1. MissySimpleM Says:

    <3 T-dot <3

  2. elizmel Says:

    this is awesome!

  3. KingARSENAL14 Says:

    yo im from Toronto, but i aggree with you. This is just wack az fuck. Empire State Of Mind is a classic. atleast make a new song instead of a shitty remake. Shame on dis nigga

  4. G1bby17 Says:

    radio is better

  5. AfgHustla10 Says:

    gooodddddd song

  6. srdjanjiji Says:

    toronto is dope, keep goin hard

  7. ThaLiveKing Says:

    That’s what they do in Toronto. I’m from here.

  8. jasmineellis96 Says:

    Is this the one that was on the radio?

  9. chetram22 Says:

    yoo dis is sik

  10. GoodJajaPak Says:

    Hey they are not gonna replace the Kiss 92.5 one because the people that made them are the DJ’s for Weekday morning.
    And for the person that is asking.
    Its Tdot state of mind.

  11. saranrap08 Says:

    yyeeee TO is 2legit2quit

  12. hewo1990 Says:

    What is the one called that they play on kiss 92.5FM?????

  13. johnsittien Says:


  14. leafsownage Says:

    ok ?

  15. JaggitETV Says:

    yeaa man!!!

  16. dhruv494 Says:


  17. leafsownage Says:

    dood is this guy canadian ?

  18. amedjones Says:

    shout out to t dot, best city

  19. JONFROMDA6th Says:

    stop biting new york…. for real

  20. PrincessMai Says:

    That is awesome! Wow.

  21. xXdigidudeXx Says:

    hell yea toronto all the way

  22. EfReez Says:

    Much Respect. Tdot I love u

  23. phatmike21 Says:

    lol this one is SOO much better than that stupid shit played on kiss.

  24. deviliciousangel235 Says:

    i fucking love my city toronto <3

  25. s2pandapple Says:

    i believe this is a much version than the one their playing on kiss 92.5 =)
    the one on the radio makes me laugh so hard =P

  26. Tina Barrett Says:

    Wish I was in the S Club

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    I want to be Lady Gaga

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  31. Kanye West Says:

    Kanye can sing to me all day!