Kim Davis Ft Sammi Starr SHOW ME THE WAY REMIX

Kim Davis Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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31 Responses to “Kim Davis Ft Sammi Starr SHOW ME THE WAY REMIX”

  1. kdlkemp Says:

    AMAZING SONG!!! Absolutely LOVE it!!
    How can i download this version of the song…or any of your songs?!

  2. DietMonkeyTV Says:

    Toronto Talent !No Jasmine Sullivan here

  3. havefun4354 Says:

    Pure emotions

  4. keyshawnair Says:

    i like this

  5. delplesche Says:

    still love this song ,my fav

  6. chiigz123 Says:

    i love this sonngg !!!!!!! big track

  7. EZserenity Says:

    Jazmines voice is much richer/deeper than Kims…I love em both but they are quite different, juss sayin…peace!

  8. PureTequila700 Says:

    dang I love this song.. does anyone know where I can download Bahamian songz from..

  9. Cuteypie8907 Says:

    so get out of my head kim geesh this is exactly what im going through… 🙁

  10. 1ntell3ctual Says:

    Can you please send me this too. I’ve been lookin’ for the remix version but can’t find it.

  11. cazjoseph1 Says:

    Why can’t we purchase the remix on i Tunes????


    GREAT SONG !!!!!

  13. zee8020 Says:

    can you pls send it it to me too?? plssssssssss

  14. jannettran1987 Says:

    can you please send it to me??

  15. bahamastarrboy Says:

    what’s your email address I’ll send it to you…. i have it 🙂

  16. vopelleG Says:

    where can I download this mix with sammi star. I found the origional version. some one please help.

  17. caribeyecandy Says:


  18. mardigras444 Says:

    dis da hardest song rite now and how sammi rip it up at the end sounds like pros any way they sound better then the foreigners bahamas baby ….2422222222222

  19. BrownEyezxox Says:

    wooow i’m going thru what this song describes.

  20. m3lon647 Says:

    OHMYGOSH !!! KIMM ! keep it up my girl ..we all lovee u . missing u fam . <3

  21. lucaya1 Says:

    Go Bahama Rock…

  22. shellyhun011 Says:

    omg i loveeeeee this song! her voice is amazing jred.. 242 baby:)

  23. smearymoch9 Says:

    242 or ya MA !!! lol 😛

  24. trucman1420 Says:

    This is truely a slow skankin song LOVE IT!

  25. monkeymo321 Says:

    dis song maaaad dred big up 242

  26. Roxx Says:

    This Roxx

  27. Gutterpups Says:

    Thanks for this

  28. Popular Music Says:

    I wish I could sing like that

  29. BG Music Idol Says:

    What did you make of last nights Music Idol

  30. Hard House Says:

    Isn’t it time you got on board with some house music?

  31. ZoserMusic Says:

    Zoser music rocks!