ERUPTION “Party Party”

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25 Responses to “ERUPTION “Party Party””

  1. crockett616 Says:

    such a beautiful woman and beautiful voice

  2. Homoholic Says:

    Precious Wilson was one of the most beautiful, and talented, disco artists, along with Amii Stewart (‘Knock On Wood’)

  3. zosinternational Says:


  4. VALENCIAE65 Says:

    she is Jamaican born in Spanish Town St.Catherine….

  5. VegEdGoku Says:

    Freedom. Benjamin Fulford.

  6. turistait Says:


  7. riskychanges Says:

    love it!!!

  8. blktenor Says:

    @rajandavid Yeah you’re right. She does have a nice voice.

  9. zosinternational Says:

    june 1978 prachtig

  10. rajandavid Says:

    what a powerful beautiful voice mmm mmm

  11. yurasleepless Says:

    in this video as u described 😀

  12. aerosoul1er Says:


  13. makofdahouse Says:


  14. itsik1971 Says:

    Are they Arabs ?

  15. MyenoB67 Says:

    BIG SONG !

  16. crockett616 Says:

    Um-ummm, what a woman, look at those hips and that body at 1:06, listen to the voice and look at her at that face at 2:05 !!! Where do I find a woman like her ???

  17. barbaruna1 Says:

    to jest sam seks!

  18. prem73 Says:

    On of my early english song I use to listen to. THANKS A LOT for posting this wonderful video song.

  19. Urzhum Says:

    Тут показывают, как они выступали в Восточном Берлине на вечернем концерте которое снимало центральное телевидение ГДР. куски этого концерта я видел в Москве. Ещё в концерте были Pussycat из Нидерландов -пели Smile и ещё какой-то боевик

  20. GodfatherOfHouse Says:

    Since they were produced by Frank Farian, they could have been the singers behind Boney M, or vice versa.

  21. ColeJunior Says:

    Thank you very much for posting this Video. As a child i thought they were Bonyem. I have see this Video in poland. 🙂

  22. mokojung3323 Says:


  23. Urzhum Says:

    Один из лучших боевиков “Эрапшн”. Обожаю эту песню!

  24. radiotien Says:

    Fijne plaat, veel gedraait op piraat Hitradio Exact FM begin jaren 90 in Nijmegen Holland.

    groet, Franbk van der veght

  25. birdie2219 Says:

    I remember someone gave me this single when I was at the Cronulla Sharks club – I took it on a cruise on the Arcadia and the DJ played it every night…..memories ’78