ERUPTION “I Can’t Stand The Rain”

Kim Davis Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “ERUPTION “I Can’t Stand The Rain””

  1. geoffblay Says:

    EPIC !!

  2. studionous Says:

    / / / /
    / / / / /

  3. rickrode9 Says:

    @xxxRainAngelxxx RIGHT ON!!!!!!

  4. ruben7758 Says:

    beautiful,precios voice

  5. divisorplot Says:

    just stopped in for some brain surgery! My mind my mind! I can’t stand the brain Soprano! Think i’ll wake up and get mi a epistomologist!

  6. Judasneon Says:

    Gerry on Keyboards…I have met him and I was very close good friends with his family in Shirley Croydon.
    Hi to Pat and the girls, elizabeth and tracey X

    They had the same manager as Boney M and they got pushed out as Boney M were bigger over here while Eruption were very big in Germany.

  7. endracismguy Says:

    legs 11

  8. cutenu2 Says:

    I remember this one. I forgot who sang it until now! I always sing the first line when it rains. Nice one.

  9. xxxRainAngelxxx Says:

    OOOOOO love the song…..ahhhhh disco is the best music ever…..;)

  10. twvernon Says:

    love it

  11. 60srocker46 Says:

    definatly the highlight of the 70s disco era

  12. bladesmark1 Says:

    @1955marty I gathered that!Boney M were made up of 3 birds & 1 fella.

  13. 1955marty Says:

    no its not BoneyM !!!

  14. divisorplot Says:

    Excellent lyric voice reminds one of Dr Gastuv Eckstein the difference between the brain and mind .

  15. shortandstylish Says:

    Great stuff!

  16. 1stp4ward Says:

    Blast from the past!!

  17. peruvianosabroso Says:

    buena musica disco

  18. BlackPride1000 Says:

    @bewianin You Forgot ”Graham Central Station” 1974-1975.

  19. Halvesdacosta Says:

    Isso e muito bommmmm ..

  20. 13MindsEye Says:

    holy crap…….ok, just take me back to simple times……

  21. JaBabyDoll Says:

    thumbs up if your watching this in 2011

  22. houndawgg1 Says:

    What great coreograpy

  23. shuhelali Says:

    thx – love to know the history of the song 🙂

  24. changling21 Says:

    beautiful bone structure

  25. bewianin Says:

    History of the track:

    1974: Ann Peebles
    1975: Humble Pie
    1977: Eruption
    1977: Albert King
    1983: Tina Turner
    1991: The Commitments
    1992: Bad Manners
    1993: Cassandra Wilson
    1994: Terry Reid
    1997: Missy Elliot
    1999: Daryl B
    2008: Seal
    2009: Rini Van Willingen
    2009: Villa (edit)