Taylor Swift “Bette Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes and “This Love” By Maroon 5 Staples Center 8/27/11

Kim Davis Video Blog Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Taylor Swift “Bette Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes and “This Love” By Maroon 5 Staples Center 8/27/11”

  1. princesspaulyndinise Says:

    @brittanyofangels of course cause she’s the original!

  2. ClassyAverage Says:

    @swatwhatbutgawd If you get the Speak Now Tour Live cd, you can hear it from 1:07 – 1:09.

  3. ClassyAverage Says:

    This is a beautiful cover of Bette Davis Eyes. It doesn’t matter which version you prefer; by covering this song, Taylor exposed a new and young audience to an artist that they wouldn’t have otherwise known, and I think that’s fantastic.

  4. grantT00025 Says:

    Taylor has Bette Davis eyes.:) She never ceases to amaze me. <3

  5. eddyspeaksenglish Says:

    @swatwhatbutgawd She made a good cover… but Lets be realistic.. the song wouldn’t be known these days if she had sang it insted Kim… This song was made for Kim voice, and Taylor is not even close to the original version.. Just like the second song… Her voice wasn’t made for that song either….

  6. ashlynlove13 Says:

    this is amazing. Taylor sang Bette Davis Eyes BEAUTIFULLY and whoever disagrees is obviously dumb.

  7. 1989hirokazu Says:

    BOOOOO!!!!!!!! kim’s version is wayyyyy better!

  8. bkim3617007 Says:

    Her cover is better than the real version. Thumbs up if agree.

  9. brittanyofangels Says:

    I’m a fan of Taylor Swifts but I prefer Kims version: /watch?v=6ZAqxOVPwZQ

  10. Legend1315 Says:

    @soxster101 You came here and wrote those ridiculous comments because you wanted to, in the first place. And you keep coming back of your own free will, no one’s forcing you. But yes I agree, let’s just stop, this nonsense isn’t going anywhere.

  11. soxster101 Says:

    @darksoleil1010 Thank you!

  12. soxster101 Says:

    @Legend1315 All the f**ks you give? Hhmmm And YES!! My word is law! Now enough of this pointless bickeringand and face Truth so I don’t have to keep coming back to this video and have to listen to Beanpole Blondie’s screetching.

  13. Legend1315 Says:

    @soxster101 Yeah because your word is the law around here. lulz look at all the fucks I give! =D

  14. soxster101 Says:

    @Legend1315 it’s truth over opinion, dear! So go stick the firing squad where the sun don’t shine!

  15. Legend1315 Says:

    @soxster101 Where is the firing squad when we need to make idiots like you shut up… respect other people opinions -.-‘

  16. Legend1315 Says:

    @scottenman2005 If THIS is garbage, I’m afraid to hear what you think of the other covers here on Youtube… xD

  17. scottenman2005 Says:

    Garbage compared to the original

  18. swatwhatbutgawd Says:

    @teruush01 this song is on the cd/dvd

  19. teruush01 Says:

    I’m so sad that all these covers aren’t on the Speak Now DVD :(

  20. pussiepie1470 Says:



  21. pussiepie1470 Says:


  22. darksoleil1010 Says:

    I’ve heard better singers with more emotion in their voice down at the pub on a Saturday night, kim carnes must be cringing at this. Whoever said these covers are flawless need to check out the original versions.

  23. soxster101 Says:

    Taylor Swift?! Taylor Swift trying to sing Bette Davis Eyes? That is a f**king travisty! Where is the firing squad when you need them!!!! OMG!!!!

  24. swatwhatbutgawd Says:

    OMG LOVE. sing it guuurrll

  25. mrbrendyjames Says: